Why Fix it if it is not Broken?

Fix what you need to –

It is always room for improvement.  It should always be a goal to become better. However, some things are best just the way they are.  Alteration to these type things causes them to not work properly or not at all. The question become can you perfect, perfection.  Some things are best left alone.

Be careful not to break –Borken

Once I read an article, don’t remember exactly where a young person had it going on and a high self-esteem.  But someone brought attention to the Imperfection of her nose. In it destroyed they self-esteem.  This was not a problem for them at first, in other words not broken, and should have been left alone.

Use as instructed –

One of my sayings is: When all else fail, read the instructions.  Instructions tell us how things work according to its purpose. This is important to know because if we use it outside of its purpose, it will become damaged or nonfunctional. Likewise, we as people have an instruction manual, because of my faith in God, it is the Bible.  We have a world of hurting people that we tried to, but was unqualified to fix, to keep us and things functioning properly, we must do what the manual says to do.




How Much Are You Worth?

This is an important question to answer, usually your worth to others are more than one can imagine.  It is privileged to knowWorth that you are valuable to somebody. That value increases as time goes on.  Unfortunately, it can go higher or lower at any moment, when it comes to your influence;  its effects can be negative or positive and will increase in one of either direction because the behavior is learned.

My desire is to remain on the positive side of value. It is my belief that we of humankind, is accountable to help those in our sphere of influence better. UNCOMMON DO WHAT UNCOMMON DOES.

What’s Your Motivation

What is your motivation, why do you do the things you do? I believe that the things we commonly do are integrated; it a part of Motivationwho we are. If I was asked that question, my answer would be, to be a blessing.  I also believe it is reciprocal, in other words, blessing produces blessing. Try it, by random acts of kindness.  Nothing yields better returns as sharing, and there is nothing more powerful than doing so without condition.  Your only motivation; being kind to someone. Like the Bible Quote, it is more blessing to give, than receive.

Uncommon Do What Uncommon Does

Look around you and what do you see.  The things we see are common, they happen often and their stories are displayed andUncommon repeated often. Uncommon actions, however, are somewhat rare.  Their stories are rarely told. Why is this? is hard to answer.  So, where is the story of the person that is honest, hardworking, and always displays good character? Where is the story of the person that serves other above them self? Where is the story of the person that does what is right at any cost, love and obey God, and see that his family and others that are in his sphere of influence is safe and secure? Their story must not only be told but lived also, for a better world.  UNCOMMON DO WHAT UNCOMMON DOES.