Doing the right thing

No one is looking

The true test of integrity is doing your best when no one is watching.  When there is no one to cheer you on or to encourage you to do so.  We should always do our best.  It will become integrated with us when we practice our best behavior whether we have an audience or not.  The most important question is: Which is the true image of your character, the one seen in public or the one that is behind closed doors. True integrity demands that it will be the same in either case. Doing the right thing when no one is looking is true integrity.

Time is the most important resource one can have

There is this saying that you only have one first impression.  In some circumstances, you only have one opportunity to get it right, no second chances. This is of most crucial in critical life situations. Sometimes there are more chances, but, it is an unknown when it is the final chance. The time is precious and absolute.  It hesitates nor waits for no one. We should all be careful of how we use it because we can only be our best one day at a time.

What is the most important thing in life

In my opinion, it is self-development as it relates to the intent of God for us.  It is of most important, to work on becoming the best that we can be.

To be enslaved to our God-given talent and gifts, to master them to serve those in our lives.  There is none more awesome than you becoming what God intends for you to be to our society.  What is the most important thing in life? You!