Crisis – You Can Survive


I was told at a young age, “if you never had any trouble in your life, live on my child.” There will be a crisis in life. The trauma of a crisis can cause an adverse reaction. But, just like other life issues, a crisis can and must be dealt with, It cannot be ignored. Some of your life biggest challenge is because of some issues that were not dealt with. A person can live their entire life bound by them. With time and work, you can get past a crisis. They can help you become stronger. See the crisis as one chapter of many life chapters.

1 Acknowledgment

It is important that you do not ignore a crisis. You can’t deny that the crisis occurred. You can’t get past a crisis that you pretend don’t exist. You have to acknowledge it. Once you acknowledge and identify the crisis then you will be able to work your way through it. Some crises are easy to identify, storms, death, divorce for examples. Others are not that easy because of denial, addiction in various forms mainly fit this category, also when we refuse to acknowledge the truth of the crisis. We have to see it for what it is. If you don’t see the crisis as it is or fails to see it as a problem it will remain. It will affect all areas of your life. It cannot be treated as nothing, a crisis is just that, a crisis.

2 Don’t Embrace The Crisis – don’t hold on to it

Things become a part of us when we take ownership of them. It is important to see a crisis as being temporary. I often remind myself during tough times that, “it won’t be like this always.” It takes seeing your way through your crisis in the midst of it; to a point of letting go, declaring it is over. Getting through a crisis will make you stronger and wiser.

Holding on to a crisis will imprison you and will always have an adverse effect on your life. Eventually, it will produce a health problem. You must not, you must refuse to, embrace any crisis. Do not make it a companion. Don’t let it become a permanent attachment to you.

3 Give yourself time

Time should be allowed to get completely through a crisis. For some people getting over a crisis may take longer than others. It is important to take the necessary time to get through your crisis. This will keep it from becoming dormant, and possibly re-surfacing. When you have worked your way through a crisis you want to make sure it over with. Yes, sometimes it is a struggle, but, believe and know that you can get through it. Let yourself go through it until it is completed. You don’t want a crisis to control your future advancement. Give yourself time, to confront and deal with the crisis. You must control it or it will control you.

You are the one to decide when your crisis is over. Other cannot come to that conclusion for you, they can only give you encouragement and support as you deal with your crisis, but they can’t declare that it is over. Only you can say it is over and done with. You along know the cause and effect that the crisis is causing you. You are the one to make sure that you are over the crisis and that it is finished.

4 Don’t take a crutch

Don’t use your crisis as justification for feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t let it imprison you. It can victimize you to a point of little or no advancement. You can’t use it a reason not to live your life to the fullest. A crisis doesn’t have the power to make you give up your life, but you can allow it to. A crisis can only do what you allow it to do. You may be encouraged by others, but it will be up to you to move on. During a crisis, it is a big challenge, not be crutched. A crutch won’t allow you to become free from your crisis.

People can sometimes be overly sympathetic. This may cause them to become your crutch. Yes, you will need support during your crisis, that support should confirm that you will get through your crisis. The appropriate support will be of patient and firmness. You also must be both patient and firm with yourself. This may be difficult to understand, but you can’t be to easy on yourself.

5 Keep it real

In some severe crisis people suppress it to a stage of dormant, it will, one day rise up and causes adversity to your life. It will always be a challenge to you, and it will produce things such as:

  • Rage
  • Bitterness
  • Doubt
  • Distrust
  • Depression
  • Low self-worth
  • Sensitivity

Don’t see your crisis as nothing, be real with it, if it is painful, deal with the pain or whatever emotion it presents to you. By all means, don’t pretend that it has no effect you at all when it is ripping you emotionally. You will never be free of it, but keeping it real enable you to move on and get rid of the crisis. By faith, you can declare it is finished, but again keep it real.


Yes, crisis will come our way and is often unexpected. Some can be massive, but all must be dealt with. There is life after a crisis. You can keep going with your life. Pursue the dreams and goals that God has inspired you with. A crisis should not be able to dictate the rest of your life. It can be a heavy burden as you go through your crisis. But faith can and will see you through. “There is light at the end of the tunnel.” You choose to allow your crisis to make you stronger and wiser. There is life after a crisis. A life that is pleasant.

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Your life Path – For you only


Often people travel the path of the least resistance. By nature most seek that which is easy, even when the path with resistance is better for them; they do this, knowing which path they should go. The easy route is not always best. Life path that will make us better, will always have some resistance. We are faced with decisions every day on what course to we should take. There are no shortcuts in life. Shortcuts will rob you when it comes to reaching the desired destination. It affects both life quality and life experiences. You just won’t get to the area in life you want to.

Think for a moment, what path have you taken for your life? Is it getting you to where you want to go in life, or are you getting nowhere fast? The path you take will lead somewhere. Be thoughtful when choosing your path, because it will lead you to your lifelong destination. You must know where you are going to, or you won’t be able to get there. Do you know where it is that you should go in life?

The Path of the Least Resistance

Pressure break out of an area of weakness or of the least resistance. In life, the path of the least resistance should not be taking. It can cause disruption in your life. Your goal is to become better in life not weak. Your life path will be a challenge, but it is the path you supposed to be on for life. When you are familiar with where you are going, the resistance has only a little effect and traveling your life path goes a little faster and smoother. There are things that can sidetrack you and there will be obstacles along the way. These are times that you will have to go at a slower. There will also be those who will hinder your progress. The temptation to take the path of the least resistance continuously, be a challenge. But you are to purposely avoid the path of the least resistance. The path that can’t get you to your life destination.

Over the Horizon

Have you been so close that you can taste it so to speak, that’s really close. The anticipation that comes from knowing that you are almost there. Knowing what is waiting for you over the horizon. Knowing what your end result should be, is a strong motivator. It keeps you moving toward the end with anticipation. It gives you a determination above the norm. What a relief it is to see your destination off at a distance. Your victory is in site. You will get there by choosing the right life path. How sweet it will be, and what a relief.

Life accomplishments give a good feeling and are always worth your best effort. Knowing that you arrived and you didn’t give up along the way. What a feeling of joy you will have.

Life is an adventure, that is full of excitement, twist, and turns. Life splendor can go unnoticed sometimes when traveling along its path. There is so much that can be appreciated in your lifetime. The blessing that comes each and every day are often unnoticed. Even the rough spots along your life path can be counted as a blessing because they often make one better, and stronger. Endurance through it all pays off, you will enjoy accomplishments over your life path.

The tragedy of this will be failing to learn along the way. We can enjoy the moment that God’ great creations teach us every day. If we fail to embrace the great diversity He has placed in each of us, is most tragic. It is such a loss to mankind.

Along our life path we may have started with a certain characteristic, but ended up being a totally different person. It has been said that “a lesson is not learned until behavior has changed”. Enjoy along your way, enjoy learning from your life.

Keep Going Until You Get There

Writing this I thought about a story that might help us see the importance to keep going on our life path. Imaging, if a savage beast was after you. You run as fast as you can down the path so the beast would not catch you. You begin to get weary and the beast begins to gain ground on you. Then you give up and stop and surrender your life to the beast. The beast catches you and confesses, “If you had not stopped I wouldn’t have caught you, because I can’t go another step.”. Victory is the reward of continuing to the end, never, ever go backward.

Starting and stopping won’t get you anywhere; you won’t make it to the finish line. Be both consistence, and persistent. A steady pace will take you far. You don’t have to go at a speed of light, but you have to be consistent. You will have to go through all the tough spots. You will have to be committed. Your life is worth your effort to keep on keeping on until you reach the end.


Your life path is important, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You make the journey, you become better and stronger. You become a benefit to others. You won’t be a liability. Your life path is making you able to be a super servant leader, that we all were born to be. No one can travel our life path for us. We have to go down our own individual path. Your life path can be lonely at times, and sometime we may even want to quit. But, something that down inside of us, that is screaming to come out of us to serve, to explore, to grow and to mature into our individual purposes that push you to continue.

At the end of the path, there are those who are waiting for you. Ready to receive what you have to give to them. To make their life better, happier, and safer.

You have learned well, and you won’t hesitate to be a servant to that which you have become, and will be a servant leader to that which your life path has gifted you with. Many blessing will flow from and to you. You are a master of it, and it is a master of you. You have truly arrived.

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Expectation – what do you expect

What do you expect? In all areas of life, there is an expectation; and it should be, as long as it’s realistic. The expectation that we have on our selves and those we place on other people should be fair. When you place too high of an expectation on others you set yourself up for disappointment. Your expectation might or might not perfectly fit another person. Unfortunately, that’s often done. People should never settle for less than what they can reasonably expect. When shooting for the stars it is okay if you only hit the moon, but do aim high. Our challenges make us better, and enable us to succeed. Meet your expectations head-on. Don’t back down.

It is on you

Your expectation should be set by you. Trying to live up to someone else’s expectation that contradicts yours is a mistake. That’s like trying to live someone else’s life, which is most miserable, and all but impossible. You do you, better than anyone else. Having high expectations is okay but unrealistic ones will be destructive. The same can be said about expectations that are too low. You should always challenge your self above what you think you could normally do; not easy, and not unrealistic. Expect the best for you. Get to know really well, what you are able to do, and go for it with a passion.

High expectations are always a plus. You should not allow anything less than what you expect. For instance, you can expect and or demand respect along with being respectful. You can expect to be treated fairly. You can expect to get what you pay for or what you asked for (don’t give me a lemon when I asked you for a peach.) It is up to you to proclaim that which you expect. It is up to you to go for it.

What you can do

Determine what you can do and be your own motivator. You make the decision to go, or the choice not to. It all about how much it is worth to you. Expectation can change. Life events can shift, move or eliminate expectations. Don’t position yourself to look back and make statements like “I once wanted to do such a thing”. Never surrender to a point of lowering your expectation. It is important to know what they are, keeping your focus on what your expected end result should be.

Your limit is what you believe you are capable of. I believe that most people can do better than they imagine when they make an effort; if they would try just a little harder. It is amazing how far you can go just by being consistent one step at a time. Each individual has to make their own steps. You can go beyond your expectation when you put work into it; simply roll up your sleeve and get it done.

Don’t try to get off the hook

You can’t take the easy route. You can’t quit when it gets tough. Don’t settle for anything less than your realistic expectation. Settling for less won’t get it done and it won’t produce for you. Believe that you can do what you expect out of you. Push your self-pass:

  • Confrontation
  • Doubt
  • Nay Sayers
  • Circumstances
  • Challenges

Lowing your expectation out of fear or a lack of discipline will cause you to come up short. It can also bring emotional trauma. It is not a good feeling or a desired outcome to know you did not give your best. Knowing that what you did was not good enough. Always live up to your personal expectation.

When you learn that you are very capable of your expectation, doubt will vanish. You will find yourself doing better as you gain confidence in your capability. The more you expect of yourself, the greater the potential of getting to the area you want to be in life; to be the person you desire to be. It is a great accomplishment to have done those things you wanted to. You refused to accept anything less. Your number one priority is to get what you expect.


In reaching for your expectations, adjustments may have to be made. Everything just won’t work for you. Flexibility is a trait that only a few people are able to master. It like the saying, “it more than one way to skin a cat”, or “work smarter, not harder”. These actions won’t take away from your expectation. Improvements are always a plus. It may be several ways to get across a road, the only objection would be, is to cross safely. Don’t be stuck in one way of doing things, another one may work better.

All changes are not good. Don’t make changes that will alter what your end result will become. The things you do should compliment your expectation. Remain focus and keep moving toward the result that you are seeking for. If changes do not compliment your expectation, look for another way that will get you to your destination, your expectation. Go for what you want and make no compromises.


Your expectation is an important part of your development. It is what liberates you from a bondage of things that has nothing to do with who you are becoming. They are the driving force of your life successes. It is you who are accountable for them. You can’t depend on others to do that which it is yours to do. Yes, others may play a part if they choose to but it belongs to you. So:

  • What are you expecting today?
  • Is it your expectation or someone else?
  • Is it truly what you want?
  • Is it who you are?

No one should know the answers to those questions better than you. They are yours. They will keep you on the right course. These are the detailed reason you should stay on the path of expectation. I encourage you and expect you to become your expectation.

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Value – Appreciate What You Have

There are many things you could have. Some things you will value, others are just possessions. You should always appreciate and take care of what you have before it’s gone. Substance comes and goes; it can be here today and gone tomorrow, also, what’s important today may not be so tomorrow.

So, what do you value the most? Is it sentimental or real value? I believe there are things in my life that are priceless. Things like family, health, and peace of mind. This brings up another question, “is what we see as being important really have value to us at all.” The things we receive in our lifetime should be of value or be of some importance to us. We would not want to look back one day and see that which was important, and of value, in our life, is now gone. People should think hard about what is really important. When it is gone it is gone, “here today gone tomorrow.”


Substance doesn’t always mean value. People can have a lot of stuff of no value. There are many new gadgets, to catch people eye, and they somehow convince themselves that they just got to have the newest, latest gadget. The question becomes:

  • Why?
  • What value is it to you?
  • Is it an asset or a liability to you?

People sometimes make an impulsive purchase, and soon after wonder why. I would avoid an implosive purchase, by waiting a day or so, and if it’s still something I would like to buy, then I would. But most of the time because the impulsiveness is gone, I avoided buying what I didn’t really want.

A master salesperson will sell you what you were not thinking about getting or something you don’t need. The word sale often draws a person into a purchase. My ideal sale is a bargain on an item I had already planned to purchase. On the other hand, if I was not planning on getting it, to me it was not a sale, I just collected more stuff. People have to be very careful not to yield to impulsiveness. For instance, why buy a new item, when there is nothing wrong with the one you have. This can be a challenge, but it will be an advantage to be discipline in this area.

Loss Versus Gain

Most people don’t know the concept of depreciation. Somethings, as they get older, decreases in value. This is not only applied to tangible things they also apply to character, trust, and morality. For examples: You can return a car a week after you purchased it and it would have a loss in value. But if you can take excellent care of it for 25 plus years it may increase in value. Some things gain in value and some things lose. Most things lose value in a long run. Another way to add value is an investment. Invest, and gain a certain percentage on your investment. The key word in this is to gain, “because when you don’t gain you are losing.”

Trust, integrity, is good business and personal skills. When you do people right when doing business, and on a personal level, it produces gain. I would rather be on the losing end of a deal, then to lose a valued customer or a good friend. It should never be the intent to gain at the expense of others. Value gain value is given (Win, Win).

Real Value

Sometimes things look as it is valuable. It looks good in appearance but if you look close enough you will see that it is a fake. There are lots of replicas around us today. We must be careful in our choices. Value doesn’t always have to have a high cost. Looks can be deceiving. One clue to value is that it is of low quantity. Some people lack an understanding of real value; like money versus health. Wealth versus sanity. Happiness versus substance. What is valuable to an individual may be different.

What is a real value to you?

  • A luxury car
  • A mansion on the hill
  • Designer clothes


  • Health
  • Peaceful mind
  • A healthy stable family
  • Happiness

Each of the lists could be added to It is important to seek real value. It is important to pursue a good healthy life than a superfluous one. A value in my opinion, is a combination of tangible and none tangible things. Those that really add value, that is lasting. The most valuable things in life are priceless, and can’t be bought. These, to me, are the most important. Give me real value any day.

Going up in smoke

Today you will find most things are overvalued. The things that are tangible may be purchased today for one price, and a week later could be purchased at a higher or lower price. We are continually buying more things that lose value. Wasting valuable time and money; this can cause stress that leads to poor health. Up in smoke. We can easily spend too much money. Why? self-indulgent. We just got to have more, and at the end, end up in smoke. It was shiny and appealing that is why I got it.

Delayed gratification will save people a lot of grief. The reason a good salesperson push you hard to immediate buy is that they don’t want you to have a chance to conclude that you don’t need what they have to sale. They count on your impulsiveness. When a person pressures me to buy an opportunity or anything else, if they can’t give me the time to think, and or do research I will pass on it. It is too many scams and other opportunities to give your hard-earned money away. You certainly don’t want it to go up in smoke.


People should be content with the things that they are blessed to have. They should always show an appreciation. Some work hard to gain what they have, to other it was a gift. Either way, one should appreciate and take nothing for granted. I humbly confess that all that I have is a gift from God, including having the ability to earn or receive it.

Because you did what you needed to do to gain, the last thing you would want to happen to you is to be scammed, or be deceived when it comes to value. Let us keep in mind that some of the most valuable things we may gain, cost nothing and is priceless.

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Cause and Effect

Have you ever thought about why people do the things they do? Why they act the way they act. There is always a reason. A lot of what we do is on autopilot, something that we picked up along the way, and it became a part of us. It has always amazed me how people naturally do certain things. They do them seemingly effortlessly. There are certain things people do religiously. You can ask them why, and get a simple answer such as, “It’s just what I do.”

Life Experiences

What was your life like when you were a child? It shaped who you are. The things that you took ownership of is what you do and is why you do them. The things you experienced is what programmed your everyday life. Even things that occurred in the past, including what was forgotten, has an influence on us.

To be pleased with life is to accept it as it is. All the experiences we have had in life were not pleasant. They also have an effect on our lives and an effect on what we do. They can be so ingrained in us to a point that it seems like we can’t help doing this or the other. Making changes to our life can be difficult, it not as easy as it may seem, because it involves erasing and writing over the old life experiences.

Change Is Not Easy

To change your life, you must initiate the change. As we get older, some things change naturally and automatically. When we mature in life, some subtle changes occur, some good and some bad, but it will happen, and it is better if we are the controlling factor. A testimony about life that is often shared is, “I may not be what I want to be, but I am so glad I am not what I used to be.”

Change is sometimes forced upon us, and sometimes it is a choice. Things like a job loss, or health issues, or you just don’t like the way your life is, can cause you to take the steps to initiate the change. But remember that change doesn’t always happen quickly. It takes time.  Work on it one day at a time. Be patient with yourself. You did not become who you are overnight. You are who you are because of the many events and occurrences that you have experienced throughout your life. Change is a process and the key is to want to change.

Habits – Your Liability or Asset

  • Habit – an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it becomes almost involuntary
  • Liability – something disadvantageous
  • Asset – a useful and desirable thing or quality

A paradigm is said to be a multitude of habits and is defined as a typical example or pattern of something, a model. This is why some things about you are predictable. When a person reacts in a certain way, someone may say, “I knew you would react the way you did.” This pattern occurs over and over again. Some may even say you can set a clock by them. Depending on what the reaction is determined if it is helpful to you or not.

Never become bogged down with, “That is the way we have always done it!” That kind of thinking will keep you from finding a better way to do something, and may even prevent a better life from being born.  Also be cautious.  Changes should not be made just for the sake of change. Focus on what is positive about your life. If something is working for you, you may want to work on improving it even more.  Some of the things in your life that have worked in the past, will most likely continue to work well for you on into the future.

You are your best asset. You are the one who can best choose what is acceptable for your life, and when a change is needed. The things in your life that you don’t have to accept, and that will not change through the natural maturation process, are the things you can constructively work on and change.

It Is What It Is

Keep it real and don’t become delusional. Confronting everyday real-life issues is a challenge,  and shouldn’t be ignored. Everything that may be wrong about your life can’t suddenly be made right. Think about it in this humorous way: “if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and look like a duck it is a duck.” Concerning changing you, you first have to accept that you are who you are currently. You cannot deny who you are. Seeking to understand yourself, you will find things you can appreciate. The things you understand about you that you don’t like is what you need to work on to change. Again you have to be honest and realistic about yourself. You can’t look at a photo of yourself and declare that it is not you, (that ain’t even me).

Now on another hand, don’t take ownership of things that is not you. Just because one may say that you are this or the other does not mean that you are. You can be called stupid, even though you are nothing short of being highly intelligent. But because of the power of perception, if you believe that which is not true about yourself, it is what you will become. It is like the saying, “It is not what they call you, it is what you answer to.”


So much contributes to who you are, some forgotten things of your past still affects you. The things that have had a strong impact on your life, can be the very things that have made you strong and are now acting as a kind of guiding light to your everyday life. Some bitter roots may linger deep inside of you. Understand this, “To kill the root is to kill the tree. “Love, forgiveness, and appreciation will kill the bitter roots in one’s life.

This is not effortless; I can’t say it any better than the Bible, “Faith without work is dead.” Don’t deceive yourself in thinking that changes will happen just by flipping a switch. The switch is the decision to change. You have to consciously walk in and live your change every day. Be your own best coach and make special note of both the little and big changes for the positive when they come. Today could be the start of a whole new wonderful direction for your life!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate it. It is my belief that we are all helper of one other. Will you leave a comment or any questions you may have below? I challenge you to be an agent of positive change!

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Training is a given – relevant in all stages of life.

One way to explain training is; an organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipients’ performance or to help him or she attain a required level of knowledge or skill. It changes both your behavior and your perception, it changes your life. Your awareness will stretch broader as you learn. It has been said that once your awareness gets bigger it never returns. Knowledge obtained is knowledge gain, you take ownership of it. Make an effort to add to your learning every day. The time you take to learn about you and your purpose is most valuable. Take all the time necessary for your training, you will never regret it.


A disciple is a key component of teaching and or training. For one to acquire the proper training they must be teachable and receptive to that which is to be learned. They must complete their training area; making sure that they comprehend as they go on the learning journey. In other words one must have a good understanding of the first step before they move to step two all the way to the last step; no shortcut allowed.

Master learners compliment master teachers. The student eagerness and commitment to learning will bring about success. There is an old saying that you can not give what is not wanted, so to learn and achieve something is the desire of wanting to learn it, if you do not have the desire, it is more likely that you will not finish. Remain excited about the things you learn.

Compatible Subjects.

What does that have to do with it? As you learn all your subjects have to be relevant; one must support the other. They are building blocks to your training success; if you want to be a successful writer, all of your training subjects should support that. The same things go for any skills, however, If you don’t follow compatibility your end result won’t be what you intended it to be.

Your training and or learning becomes a big part of who you become. Basically, it shapes your personality and develops your character. Separating the two is harmful; it will be like having multiple personalities. Concerning compatible subjects you are actually learning who you are, and what you are capable of. You will never rise above your understanding of this. You will never become more than your training or what you learn.

Me for one, wouldn’t want my doctor, trained as an Auto Mechanic.

The University of Life.

The University of Life is sometimes called The School of Hard Knocks. Life lessons even though sometimes painful is awesome in what it can accomplish. Life is a thorough teacher and one can argue that it is as equally important as formal education. In this case, life and experience can be exchangeable with formal learning.

A standard question on job applications is a question about your experience. Experiences in life might enhance one’s quality of their overall education. One may conclude that experience supersedes education; education is knowledge, but, the experience is no-how. After one complete their education in a specific field, they will also have to be orientated to how it should be done. The combination of the two is what should be achieved. The combination of the two is what makes you what you are.

Your Talent Your Strength.

Queen Esther of the Bible was told that perhaps she was born for such a time as this, doing her time in life. It’s an opinion of mine that your field of study integrates with that which is a part of you; compatible with the things that you are most passionate about. When you fail that, which scream from within to be released; will be a hindrance to you, from being as successful as you can. To be trapped in an unwanted field, that contradicts natural talent, is most miserable, instead of fulfilling. Natural talent will guide one to the appropriate field of study because it is what they were born to do. Your talent will always support you when you master it and becomes a servant to it.

The more you understand your piece of the pie, that which is your talent, it will always be the strength to you. You will be the standard others will follow. As you mature in your talent and as you freely share it, it will become even better. It will be a pure amazement to you, the confidence you will have in that which you’ve learned; simply knowing what you no.


Training is necessary for personal growth and development. This is important because it gives meaning and purpose to the things we do in life. It gives directions as well. It is the answer to why in why we do the things we do. Sadly one can go through life with no clue of why things are. Others go through life with their talent lying dormant within them. A select few passionately pursue their God-given purpose; the purpose that was created in you as a gift to humanity, yes I said humanity! What so amazing about this is it is yours to accomplish in your lifetime if you choose to. I believe that this is so much a part of you that it can’t be duplicated by anyone else. Simply put, you are the only you that God has blessed humanity with, you are the one and only original you. You become the sum total of what you have learned throughout your life.

Just for thought:

  • You are the only you there is
  • You are not your own, but you are a gift to humanity
  • Your success is by being enslaved by your talent
  • Your perception of you is your life
  • You were created to be a master-servant leader of what you are gifted in
  • Your talent/gift is to be nourish, not dormant
  • Apply and or exercise your talent often and with confident
  • That which you were created to become should not go to the grave with you

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Being prepared for life – it is your to do

Being prMinistry at workepared

Life is a complex thing, it is full of many twists and turns. Preparation for life is important and requires knowledge in many areas. The lack of knowledge about life is very expensive. Research and planning produce preparedness. Being a lifetime learner in all components of life as well as applying what you learned, causes one to be successful in a given area of life. It is important to know that there are things you don’t know. This can be challenging, however, at any age, there is more to learn about life. The main reason for this is because of how rapid the rules of life change. So as life continues on, adjustments have to be made to remain prepared. One must understand that no area of life is exempt from the changing of time. There are some things that need not has to be changed and others, because of the changing of time, has become obsolete, need changing.

The university of life is an awesome teacher. This is the ultimate school that teaches real-life experiences. The inability to learn life lessons can leave you in ruin. Learning is all about changing and growing. It changes our perception and broadens our awareness. The opposite of this imprisons us. Learning is a true exploration and it stretches our awareness to no return.

I don’t know

In many cases concerning life the phrase, I don’t know is unacceptable. Just because you do not know, won’t be an excuse for getting it wrong. Not knowing causes damaging consequences. When I was a young adult, with a witticism, stated that my parents fail to tell me about this or that. In many questions about life’s issues, the phrase I don’t know is used. That phrase is a by-product of being unprepared. Like I mentioned earlier not knowing is costly. There are some things in this life that it is imperative to know, some of them are so critical, that you absolutely have to get a good understanding of them. The Master Creator have it fixed so when the pupil is ready the teacher will come. During the time of learning, it is important to get the correct information and to have a good understanding. I say correctly because of the massive amount of junk and false information that is available, but if you seek for the truth it is out there.

It is all about the desire to know. Asking the right questions gives the right answers. How, is a good word to use when you want to learn. One must not quit until they have the answer that gives them the understanding that they are looking for; it will be a mistake is to go on without getting an understanding. Because understanding is a key component of success; because knowing affects all areas of life. It is tragic for your life’s actions be motivated by something you don’t understand. It like this how can you get to where you don’t know. Get to know well, what you need to know! The conclusion is, learning is a necessity in life. It is a lifelong journey, There will always be new things to acquaint yourself with. That which is relevant today, may not be relevant in the future, on the other hand, some things will always be relevant and crucial. You have the task to choose which is which. Lastly, you will either learn the changes of time, or you will be left behind, again it is about your choice.

Use it or lose it

The brain is so equipped, that it fine tune what it performs. The more you do a thing the better you become at it. You have to go through the processes of learning things correctly. Why? because the brain can fine tune whatever you give it, whether it is correct or whether it’s an error. Always take the time to get it right. Like the story I once heard; there was a person climbing a latter to reach the top of a wall, they struggled to get to the top of this wall, it was no easy task for them to get to the top. When they finally made their way to the top of the wall, they discovered that they had climbed the wrong wall, so in seeking an understanding, know where you are going, and learn how to get there. Repetition work as long as you repeat the right things.

Behavior is learned, understanding that will help us to choose what we learn. I happened to believe if you choose to and commit to the things you want to learn you have the power to train yourself to learn it well. Early in the computer age, what was often said about them was, “garbage in garbage out” It was about the input. Our brain works the same way. Sometimes, like in our everyday life, we have to take out the garbage. In learning, we have to remove what we find incorrect. To put it another way, our altitude will only take us as high as our correct knowledge. The more we apply what we learn the more we will master it; the more we will retain obtain it.

Reading is fundamental

Reading is said has to be fundamental. It is essential to learn and it is necessary. Reading is motivated by how important it is to an individual. It is an awesome way to learn. Your awareness grows as you read written words. The more you read, the more your perception change. Awareness is limited by perception, for example, it’s not always what is true that has the most impact on you, it is what is perceived has to be true. How you comprehend what you read is the foundation of your learning. The wrong comprehension equals inadequate learning.

It is believed that you become what you read; an integration takes place. Remember garbage in garbage out. You actually become a master of what you learn that bring about awareness and change. Once integration takes place it becomes a part of you, it becomes a part of who you are.

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