Training is a given – relevant in all stages of life.

One way to explain training is; an organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipients’ performance or to help him or she attain a required level of knowledge or skill. It changes both your behavior and your perception, it changes your life. Your awareness will stretch broader as you learn. It has been said that once your awareness gets bigger it never returns. Knowledge obtained is knowledge gain, you take ownership of it. Make an effort to add to your learning every day. The time you take to learn about you and your purpose is most valuable. Take all the time necessary for your training, you will never regret it.


A disciple is a key component of teaching and or training. For one to acquire the proper training they must be teachable and receptive to that which is to be learned. They must complete their training area; making sure that they comprehend as they go on the learning journey. In other words one must have a good understanding of the first step before they move to step two all the way to the last step; no shortcut allowed.

Master learners compliment master teachers. The student eagerness and commitment to learning will bring about success. There is an old saying that you can not give what is not wanted, so to learn and achieve something is the desire of wanting to learn it, if you do not have the desire, it is more likely that you will not finish. Remain excited about the things you learn.

Compatible Subjects.

What does that have to do with it? As you learn all your subjects have to be relevant; one must support the other. They are building blocks to your training success; if you want to be a successful writer, all of your training subjects should support that. The same things go for any skills, however, If you don’t follow compatibility your end result won’t be what you intended it to be.

Your training and or learning becomes a big part of who you become. Basically, it shapes your personality and develops your character. Separating the two is harmful; it will be like having multiple personalities. Concerning compatible subjects you are actually learning who you are, and what you are capable of. You will never rise above your understanding of this. You will never become more than your training or what you learn.

Me for one, wouldn’t want my doctor, trained as an Auto Mechanic.

The University of Life.

The University of Life is sometimes called The School of Hard Knocks. Life lessons even though sometimes painful is awesome in what it can accomplish. Life is a thorough teacher and one can argue that it is as equally important as formal education. In this case, life and experience can be exchangeable with formal learning.

A standard question on job applications is a question about your experience. Experiences in life might enhance one’s quality of their overall education. One may conclude that experience supersedes education; education is knowledge, but, the experience is no-how. After one complete their education in a specific field, they will also have to be orientated to how it should be done. The combination of the two is what should be achieved. The combination of the two is what makes you what you are.

Your Talent Your Strength.

Queen Esther of the Bible was told that perhaps she was born for such a time as this, doing her time in life. It’s an opinion of mine that your field of study integrates with that which is a part of you; compatible with the things that you are most passionate about. When you fail that, which scream from within to be released; will be a hindrance to you, from being as successful as you can. To be trapped in an unwanted field, that contradicts natural talent, is most miserable, instead of fulfilling. Natural talent will guide one to the appropriate field of study because it is what they were born to do. Your talent will always support you when you master it and becomes a servant to it.

The more you understand your piece of the pie, that which is your talent, it will always be the strength to you. You will be the standard others will follow. As you mature in your talent and as you freely share it, it will become even better. It will be a pure amazement to you, the confidence you will have in that which you’ve learned; simply knowing what you no.


Training is necessary for personal growth and development. This is important because it gives meaning and purpose to the things we do in life. It gives directions as well. It is the answer to why in why we do the things we do. Sadly one can go through life with no clue of why things are. Others go through life with their talent lying dormant within them. A select few passionately pursue their God-given purpose; the purpose that was created in you as a gift to humanity, yes I said humanity! What so amazing about this is it is yours to accomplish in your lifetime if you choose to. I believe that this is so much a part of you that it can’t be duplicated by anyone else. Simply put, you are the only you that God has blessed humanity with, you are the one and only original you. You become the sum total of what you have learned throughout your life.

Just for thought:

  • You are the only you there is
  • You are not your own, but you are a gift to humanity
  • Your success is by being enslaved by your talent
  • Your perception of you is your life
  • You were created to be a master-servant leader of what you are gifted in
  • Your talent/gift is to be nourish, not dormant
  • Apply and or exercise your talent often and with confident
  • That which you were created to become should not go to the grave with you

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Being prepared for life – it is your to do

Being prMinistry at workepared

Life is a complex thing, it is full of many twists and turns. Preparation for life is important and requires knowledge in many areas. The lack of knowledge about life is very expensive. Research and planning produce preparedness. Being a lifetime learner in all components of life as well as applying what you learned, causes one to be successful in a given area of life. It is important to know that there are things you don’t know. This can be challenging, however, at any age, there is more to learn about life. The main reason for this is because of how rapid the rules of life change. So as life continues on, adjustments have to be made to remain prepared. One must understand that no area of life is exempt from the changing of time. There are some things that need not has to be changed and others, because of the changing of time, has become obsolete, need changing.

The university of life is an awesome teacher. This is the ultimate school that teaches real-life experiences. The inability to learn life lessons can leave you in ruin. Learning is all about changing and growing. It changes our perception and broadens our awareness. The opposite of this imprisons us. Learning is a true exploration and it stretches our awareness to no return.

I don’t know

In many cases concerning life the phrase, I don’t know is unacceptable. Just because you do not know, won’t be an excuse for getting it wrong. Not knowing causes damaging consequences. When I was a young adult, with a witticism, stated that my parents fail to tell me about this or that. In many questions about life’s issues, the phrase I don’t know is used. That phrase is a by-product of being unprepared. Like I mentioned earlier not knowing is costly. There are some things in this life that it is imperative to know, some of them are so critical, that you absolutely have to get a good understanding of them. The Master Creator have it fixed so when the pupil is ready the teacher will come. During the time of learning, it is important to get the correct information and to have a good understanding. I say correctly because of the massive amount of junk and false information that is available, but if you seek for the truth it is out there.

It is all about the desire to know. Asking the right questions gives the right answers. How, is a good word to use when you want to learn. One must not quit until they have the answer that gives them the understanding that they are looking for; it will be a mistake is to go on without getting an understanding. Because understanding is a key component of success; because knowing affects all areas of life. It is tragic for your life’s actions be motivated by something you don’t understand. It like this how can you get to where you don’t know. Get to know well, what you need to know! The conclusion is, learning is a necessity in life. It is a lifelong journey, There will always be new things to acquaint yourself with. That which is relevant today, may not be relevant in the future, on the other hand, some things will always be relevant and crucial. You have the task to choose which is which. Lastly, you will either learn the changes of time, or you will be left behind, again it is about your choice.

Use it or lose it

The brain is so equipped, that it fine tune what it performs. The more you do a thing the better you become at it. You have to go through the processes of learning things correctly. Why? because the brain can fine tune whatever you give it, whether it is correct or whether it’s an error. Always take the time to get it right. Like the story I once heard; there was a person climbing a latter to reach the top of a wall, they struggled to get to the top of this wall, it was no easy task for them to get to the top. When they finally made their way to the top of the wall, they discovered that they had climbed the wrong wall, so in seeking an understanding, know where you are going, and learn how to get there. Repetition work as long as you repeat the right things.

Behavior is learned, understanding that will help us to choose what we learn. I happened to believe if you choose to and commit to the things you want to learn you have the power to train yourself to learn it well. Early in the computer age, what was often said about them was, “garbage in garbage out” It was about the input. Our brain works the same way. Sometimes, like in our everyday life, we have to take out the garbage. In learning, we have to remove what we find incorrect. To put it another way, our altitude will only take us as high as our correct knowledge. The more we apply what we learn the more we will master it; the more we will retain obtain it.

Reading is fundamental

Reading is said has to be fundamental. It is essential to learn and it is necessary. Reading is motivated by how important it is to an individual. It is an awesome way to learn. Your awareness grows as you read written words. The more you read, the more your perception change. Awareness is limited by perception, for example, it’s not always what is true that has the most impact on you, it is what is perceived has to be true. How you comprehend what you read is the foundation of your learning. The wrong comprehension equals inadequate learning.

It is believed that you become what you read; an integration takes place. Remember garbage in garbage out. You actually become a master of what you learn that bring about awareness and change. Once integration takes place it becomes a part of you, it becomes a part of who you are.

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