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Books that are good for your development –

There are many good books written and helpful.  Authors inspire our imagination and keep flames on the dreams we have until they become real.  Books are an excellent form of

learning and enhancement of mental capacity.  Nothing is more powerful than a written inspirational word and its motivation.  Books can literally change a life and birth incredible possibilities. Not much will compare with a good book. In this post, I will share with you some of my favorite books, that have inspired me.

Books – Author – DR. Myles Munroe

DR. Munroe has written numerous inspirational books.  He has encouraged his readers to cultivate the great potential that they have.  He brings out the dormant parts of the reader.  Every time I read one of his books the light in my brain gets brighter and brighter and my overall awareness becomes greater.  He had a great gift of writing and share so much with readers. This is what was said about one of his books, “Here is a book of hope and challenges that you will read and re-read, one that is destined to become a classic, treasured by future generations. In the Principles and Power of Vision, Dr. Myles Monroe will inspire, motivate, and encourage you to start living the life you were created for as he reveals secrets to fulfillment that will greatly enrich your life.” This also is true of all his books.  Books like the following are hard to put down when reading:

Those are only a few of DR. Myles Munroe excellence books.  All of them are a help in the personal development of the readers. It did me; I personally have evolved by reading his writing.  He was a great and gifted author that is still helping millions that read his books. He had a good understand of the life development of people. Simply he wrote books for the betterment of a life.

Keeping a healthy imagination –

It is powerful what authors of books gives us. It gives life to our imagination, one thing I read, will always stay in my mind; if you can imagining a thing God will give the ability to bring it to being. Another quote I read is as intriguing, that you become the books that you read and the people that you hang around.  Inspiring books are worth much more than their weight in gold.  They are definitely worth the time reading them.  They offer many motivational quotes; and as I think back over the course of my life I have witness many things that one would think will never be but today are.  That is the power of imagination and determination that books gives to us.

Other good motivational and development books –

There so much knowledge gained by reading.  So many great authors has given us a wealth of  information.  And it will benefit  many in the future.  What a tremendous treasure books are.  I hope that you would read books often and of your choosing.  They really,  open up possibilities.

Books gives a opportunity for positive change, an endless exploration.  The answer to any question is written.  I can not leave out one book that covers all, The Holy Bible.  In my humble opinion is the greatest book of all time and will continue to be relevant to all humanity.


Please don’t hesitate to leave your comment and share your insight on books and or your favorite. Enjoy reading!

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