Hello, my name is Herman Tolliver; I am a motivational teacher with a passion for mentorship.  My goal is to communicate to bring about positive changes in people lives, by presenting positive information.

I grew up in a small rural town in southeast Arkansas and I struggled with not knowing a lot about life skills. I was born in the early 60’s, doing the time when racial divides still existed, and I was too young to know what equality was.  Because of a loving father that took all the hardship upon his shoulders, I was safe in the realms of naïve-ness.

When I became a young adult reality begin to teach me well.  I no longer was in the safety or comfort of being naive.  I became a member of a local church and begin to teach. Before long I was teaching both youth and adPhoto of Founderults and now have over 25 years of presentation experience.  One saying I birthed in this experience is: Ignorance is not your friend

The reason I created this site was to help people by providing helpful information and inspirational articles to motivate and encourage its readers.  Believing positive begets positive.  Too often we all get news that is not so pleasant.  The bad news is abundantly given to us, however, we can’t get enough good news. It is my hope that you enjoy and benefit from the content of this site.

I truly believe words have power and can influence our life.  They give us options to apply to our everyday situations and eventually become a part of us. It is my challenge and yours as well to focus and illustrate that which is positive and helpful.

Be bless and a Blessing




Founder People Helping People Enterprise; Ministry at Work; Breaking the Cycle Inc.