Cause and Effect

Have you ever thought about why people do the things they do? Why they act the way they act. There is always a reason. A lot of what we do is on autopilot, something that we picked up along the way, and it became a part of us. It has always amazed me how people naturally do certain things. They do them seemingly effortlessly. There are certain things people do religiously. You can ask them why, and get a simple answer such as, “It’s just what I do.”

Life Experiences

What was your life like when you were a child? It shaped who you are. The things that you took ownership of is what you do and is why you do them. The things you experienced is what programmed your everyday life. Even things that occurred in the past, including what was forgotten, has an influence on us.

To be pleased with life is to accept it as it is. All the experiences we have had in life were not pleasant. They also have an effect on our lives and an effect on what we do. They can be so ingrained in us to a point that it seems like we can’t help doing this or the other. Making changes to our life can be difficult, it not as easy as it may seem, because it involves erasing and writing over the old life experiences.

Change Is Not Easy

To change your life, you must initiate the change. As we get older, some things change naturally and automatically. When we mature in life, some subtle changes occur, some good and some bad, but it will happen, and it is better if we are the controlling factor. A testimony about life that is often shared is, “I may not be what I want to be, but I am so glad I am not what I used to be.”

Change is sometimes forced upon us, and sometimes it is a choice. Things like a job loss, or health issues, or you just don’t like the way your life is, can cause you to take the steps to initiate the change. But remember that change doesn’t always happen quickly. It takes time.  Work on it one day at a time. Be patient with yourself. You did not become who you are overnight. You are who you are because of the many events and occurrences that you have experienced throughout your life. Change is a process and the key is to want to change.

Habits – Your Liability or Asset

  • Habit – an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it becomes almost involuntary
  • Liability – something disadvantageous
  • Asset – a useful and desirable thing or quality

A paradigm is said to be a multitude of habits and is defined as a typical example or pattern of something, a model. This is why some things about you are predictable. When a person reacts in a certain way, someone may say, “I knew you would react the way you did.” This pattern occurs over and over again. Some may even say you can set a clock by them. Depending on what the reaction is determined if it is helpful to you or not.

Never become bogged down with, “That is the way we have always done it!” That kind of thinking will keep you from finding a better way to do something, and may even prevent a better life from being born.  Also be cautious.  Changes should not be made just for the sake of change. Focus on what is positive about your life. If something is working for you, you may want to work on improving it even more.  Some of the things in your life that have worked in the past, will most likely continue to work well for you on into the future.

You are your best asset. You are the one who can best choose what is acceptable for your life, and when a change is needed. The things in your life that you don’t have to accept, and that will not change through the natural maturation process, are the things you can constructively work on and change.

It Is What It Is

Keep it real and don’t become delusional. Confronting everyday real-life issues is a challenge,  and shouldn’t be ignored. Everything that may be wrong about your life can’t suddenly be made right. Think about it in this humorous way: “if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and look like a duck it is a duck.” Concerning changing you, you first have to accept that you are who you are currently. You cannot deny who you are. Seeking to understand yourself, you will find things you can appreciate. The things you understand about you that you don’t like is what you need to work on to change. Again you have to be honest and realistic about yourself. You can’t look at a photo of yourself and declare that it is not you, (that ain’t even me).

Now on another hand, don’t take ownership of things that is not you. Just because one may say that you are this or the other does not mean that you are. You can be called stupid, even though you are nothing short of being highly intelligent. But because of the power of perception, if you believe that which is not true about yourself, it is what you will become. It is like the saying, “It is not what they call you, it is what you answer to.”


So much contributes to who you are, some forgotten things of your past still affects you. The things that have had a strong impact on your life, can be the very things that have made you strong and are now acting as a kind of guiding light to your everyday life. Some bitter roots may linger deep inside of you. Understand this, “To kill the root is to kill the tree. “Love, forgiveness, and appreciation will kill the bitter roots in one’s life.

This is not effortless; I can’t say it any better than the Bible, “Faith without work is dead.” Don’t deceive yourself in thinking that changes will happen just by flipping a switch. The switch is the decision to change. You have to consciously walk in and live your change every day. Be your own best coach and make special note of both the little and big changes for the positive when they come. Today could be the start of a whole new wonderful direction for your life!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate it. It is my belief that we are all helper of one other. Will you leave a comment or any questions you may have below? I challenge you to be an agent of positive change!

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4 thoughts on “Cause and Effect

  1. Important issues are discussed in the post. While reading the post, I was thinking about myself… how my childhood affected my further choices, behavior, and lifestyle. I also remember that every attempt to change something in my life was time and effort consuming. I think I was lucky and I did not sit and wait for changes to come automatically… it does not happen. Do we have sufficient wisdom to analyze the causes of our actions and make right conclusions?

    1. In some cases, I believe we may, when we are aware that there is a reason for us acting a certain way; and others cases we may not have a clue to what motivates our actions or gain an insight to them.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. I really enjoyed your insight to this subject. i find self help sites to be a great learning experience and a great deal of help. The links you have installed are on point and are very relevant to the niche.
    The breakdown of each category as i would call it is simplified enough to make the reader understand and want to continue.
    The part of the article that interested me the most is the Chang Is not Easy portion.
    Have you thought of having testimonials on your site in reference to the guides linked in your article?
    Great Job!! I wish you continued success!!

    1. Thank you for your comment on this post.  It is a encouragement to me and yes testimonies will be phased in the site along with positive stories of accomplishment. When we combine what’s good about us with what is good about others we become greater.  I appreciate you taking the time to view and comment. 

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