Your partnership will help us in our grassroots effort in providing structure to our children and improve family and community relationships; by contributing an amount of your choice. 

Breaking the Cycle, Lake Village, Chicot County, Arkansas Outreach

Breaking the Cycle Inc., will like you to take this opportunity to help a grassroots effort to help strengthen families and community relationships. We are passionate about supporting children and their families which are the very life of a community.

We together can provide a safe and constructive environment for the families of our community.  We will do this by building a Community Safe Environment Center Multi-Purpose Facility.  This facility will be a catalyst for dispensing helpful information and provide structured support for the children and families in our community.

The motivation behind this kind of facility is to help relieve some pressure on families and children today.  Many adults are struggling just to make ends meet. Many of our children are growing up with little or no structure, and are left to tackle life’s issues without mature guidance.  Because of the lack of structured guidance, children seek to fill this need, often with illegal activities that are harmful to them and detrimental to our community.

The center will be a large facility with the capacity of about 300 youth and sustainable workers.  In the center will be a gym, theater, conference rooms, snack/dining area, kitchen and retail space.  This will be a place where children can receive mentor-ship and various forms of guidance.  The Center will be located in the Arkansas Delta area Lake Village, Arkansas in the county of Chicot.

The Center will be, primarily a service facility, with a focus on providing youth and their families with a safe environment.  The following list of services will be offered through the establishment of the Safe Environment Youth Center:

  • Mentor-ship
  • Life Relevant Motivational Teaching
  • Health Care Service
  • Tutoring
  • Counseling
  • Sports
  • Social Networking
  • Employment Training
  • Recreational and Physical Activities

Health Care Services provided will not be like the typical healthcare providers.  This service will provide basic routine check-ups and classes.  There will be classes teaching young ladies on women’s hygiene and their bodies, for older young ladies there will be things related to testing and healthy eating.  The young men will be taught about their maturing bodies and additional male health related issues.  There will also be classes for parents and expectant parents.

Tutoring and Counseling will be one of the largest components of The Center.  This part of the services rendered will assist the youth with successes in high school, college, and grad school.  The tutoring segment will cover all courses from pre-school to 12th-grade levels of education.  There will be special classrooms set aside for the youth to use during and after tutoring hours for studying and homework assignments.  There will be two volunteers for each high school course and two volunteers per class for all elementary courses based on need.  The goal of these tutors will not be to only set in motion the rise in their grades but to embark on increasing the confidence in the students to try their hardest, practicing how to accomplish goals, and maintaining high self-esteem.  The youth will also have the option of receiving counseling.

Sports Recreational and Physical Activities will be provided for the youth on a daily basis.  The purpose of the sports program; however, will be to promote healthy physical activities and stimulate growth in the areas of their social lives,  meaning they will learn to work together as a team providing them a vital step to learning how jobs and most parts of life work.  They will be trained on how to take their strengths and combine them with another person’s weaknesses and vice versa.  This program will teach the youth how to handle competition in a fun and relaxed manner.  The program will provide many opportunities for the youth, outside of the classroom, to show their talents and meet new people.  The sports that will be included in this program will be basketball, volleyball, tennis, and soccer and a game room for the youth to play various types of games, such as board games and systems (play station, x-box, etc.).  The list is subject to change as demand increases or decreases.

Social Networking is creating a social structure made up of individuals, friends, and organizations.  It will be one of the benefits of attending The Center.  The students will build their knowledge of different cultures, backgrounds, and states.  These interactions among themselves will build familiar bonds so that the youth will be able to venture out of the norm and create lasting friends.  It will also increase the number of job opportunities they will be able to receive.

Phase one, is to begin a capital campaign to raise enough funds to construct and operate The Safe Environment Center. The amount we will raise will be enough to generate income to build the facility and sustain operation expenses.

Phase two, at the midway point of phase one, make a final decision on the location and purchase same property for The Center. And begin to draft blueprints of The Center up to the final prints.

Phase three, three quarters the way, bid for construction and groundbreaking up to completion.

Phase four, final, opening ceremony and operation.

This is your opportunity to help, by making a donation that will help in making this happen, the amount is not as important, then you give the amount of your choosing; then encourage those in your sphere of influence to do the same.

One may say that I want to help the community, but I just don’t have the time or the resources. Think about this the sum of us is greater than any one of us, and many of us giving just a little will be enough to reach our goal. So let us begin and make this happen.

Thank you for helping to make this happen!

Donations are to be payable to:

Breaking the Cycle Inc.
C/O 111 South Court Street                                                                                    
Lake Village, AR 71653

Partner / Sponsors

People Helping Enterprise DBA The Break Room – Lake Village, Arkansas

Ministry at Work


Please direct any questions to:

Herman Tolliver
Breaking the Cycle Inc.

4 thoughts on “Community

  1. Hi Herman,

    I love the idea about a community center with such a large capacity for youth. Reading about the services the center will provide makes me wish we could start something like that here in my town. We sure could use it. As a matter of fact, several of my co-workers and I just signed up to be mentors at a local middle school. The administration is excited at the prospect of starting a mentor program because they want their students to get a view of life beyond high school and to learn to form healthy relationships with non-relative adults. This will help them when they leave school and network for job opportunities. And, hopefully the mentorship will encourage students to make good choices as life presents them with all sorts of challenging situations.

    I wish you the best of luck with your community center. It will do the community a great service.


    1. Thank you for your comment, and I commend you on your commitment to mentoring, there is no better investment then in our young. Again, thank you.

  2. Children are the future. And having such a community at their disposal will help little dreams become realities. Making our future much more promising. I used to tutor children with special needs and I loved every minute of it! Sports really helped them overcome their obstinate by gaining their confidence. It was a wonderful thing to watch.

    Thanks for the insight.

    1. I agree, children are the best we have going for us, no greater investment can be made or no more important one than in our young.

      Thank you for commenting.

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