Crisis – You Can Survive


I was told at a young age, “if you never had any trouble in your life, live on my child.” There will be a crisis in life. The trauma of a crisis can cause an adverse reaction. But, just like other life issues, a crisis can and must be dealt with, It cannot be ignored. Some of your life biggest challenge is because of some issues that were not dealt with. A person can live their entire life bound by them. With time and work, you can get past a crisis. They can help you become stronger. See the crisis as one chapter of many life chapters.

1 Acknowledgment

It is important that you do not ignore a crisis. You can’t deny that the crisis occurred. You can’t get past a crisis that you pretend don’t exist. You have to acknowledge it. Once you acknowledge and identify the crisis then you will be able to work your way through it. Some crises are easy to identify, storms, death, divorce for examples. Others are not that easy because of denial, addiction in various forms mainly fit this category, also when we refuse to acknowledge the truth of the crisis. We have to see it for what it is. If you don’t see the crisis as it is or fails to see it as a problem it will remain. It will affect all areas of your life. It cannot be treated as nothing, a crisis is just that, a crisis.

2 Don’t Embrace The Crisis – don’t hold on to it

Things become a part of us when we take ownership of them. It is important to see a crisis as being temporary. I often remind myself during tough times that, “it won’t be like this always.” It takes seeing your way through your crisis in the midst of it; to a point of letting go, declaring it is over. Getting through a crisis will make you stronger and wiser.

Holding on to a crisis will imprison you and will always have an adverse effect on your life. Eventually, it will produce a health problem. You must not, you must refuse to, embrace any crisis. Do not make it a companion. Don’t let it become a permanent attachment to you.

3 Give yourself time

Time should be allowed to get completely through a crisis. For some people getting over a crisis may take longer than others. It is important to take the necessary time to get through your crisis. This will keep it from becoming dormant, and possibly re-surfacing. When you have worked your way through a crisis you want to make sure it over with. Yes, sometimes it is a struggle, but, believe and know that you can get through it. Let yourself go through it until it is completed. You don’t want a crisis to control your future advancement. Give yourself time, to confront and deal with the crisis. You must control it or it will control you.

You are the one to decide when your crisis is over. Other cannot come to that conclusion for you, they can only give you encouragement and support as you deal with your crisis, but they can’t declare that it is over. Only you can say it is over and done with. You along know the cause and effect that the crisis is causing you. You are the one to make sure that you are over the crisis and that it is finished.

4 Don’t take a crutch

Don’t use your crisis as justification for feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t let it imprison you. It can victimize you to a point of little or no advancement. You can’t use it a reason not to live your life to the fullest. A crisis doesn’t have the power to make you give up your life, but you can allow it to. A crisis can only do what you allow it to do. You may be encouraged by others, but it will be up to you to move on. During a crisis, it is a big challenge, not be crutched. A crutch won’t allow you to become free from your crisis.

People can sometimes be overly sympathetic. This may cause them to become your crutch. Yes, you will need support during your crisis, that support should confirm that you will get through your crisis. The appropriate support will be of patient and firmness. You also must be both patient and firm with yourself. This may be difficult to understand, but you can’t be to easy on yourself.

5 Keep it real

In some severe crisis people suppress it to a stage of dormant, it will, one day rise up and causes adversity to your life. It will always be a challenge to you, and it will produce things such as:

  • Rage
  • Bitterness
  • Doubt
  • Distrust
  • Depression
  • Low self-worth
  • Sensitivity

Don’t see your crisis as nothing, be real with it, if it is painful, deal with the pain or whatever emotion it presents to you. By all means, don’t pretend that it has no effect you at all when it is ripping you emotionally. You will never be free of it, but keeping it real enable you to move on and get rid of the crisis. By faith, you can declare it is finished, but again keep it real.


Yes, crisis will come our way and is often unexpected. Some can be massive, but all must be dealt with. There is life after a crisis. You can keep going with your life. Pursue the dreams and goals that God has inspired you with. A crisis should not be able to dictate the rest of your life. It can be a heavy burden as you go through your crisis. But faith can and will see you through. “There is light at the end of the tunnel.” You choose to allow your crisis to make you stronger and wiser. There is life after a crisis. A life that is pleasant.

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