Expectation – what do you expect

What do you expect? In all areas of life, there is an expectation; and it should be, as long as it’s realistic. The expectation that we have on our selves and those we place on other people should be fair. When you place too high of an expectation on others you set yourself up for disappointment. Your expectation might or might not perfectly fit another person. Unfortunately, that’s often done. People should never settle for less than what they can reasonably expect. When shooting for the stars it is okay if you only hit the moon, but do aim high. Our challenges make us better, and enable us to succeed. Meet your expectations head-on. Don’t back down.

It is on you

Your expectation should be set by you. Trying to live up to someone else’s expectation that contradicts yours is a mistake. That’s like trying to live someone else’s life, which is most miserable, and all but impossible. You do you, better than anyone else. Having high expectations is okay but unrealistic ones will be destructive. The same can be said about expectations that are too low. You should always challenge your self above what you think you could normally do; not easy, and not unrealistic. Expect the best for you. Get to know really well, what you are able to do, and go for it with a passion.

High expectations are always a plus. You should not allow anything less than what you expect. For instance, you can expect and or demand respect along with being respectful. You can expect to be treated fairly. You can expect to get what you pay for or what you asked for (don’t give me a lemon when I asked you for a peach.) It is up to you to proclaim that which you expect. It is up to you to go for it.

What you can do

Determine what you can do and be your own motivator. You make the decision to go, or the choice not to. It all about how much it is worth to you. Expectation can change. Life events can shift, move or eliminate expectations. Don’t position yourself to look back and make statements like “I once wanted to do such a thing”. Never surrender to a point of lowering your expectation. It is important to know what they are, keeping your focus on what your expected end result should be.

Your limit is what you believe you are capable of. I believe that most people can do better than they imagine when they make an effort; if they would try just a little harder. It is amazing how far you can go just by being consistent one step at a time. Each individual has to make their own steps. You can go beyond your expectation when you put work into it; simply roll up your sleeve and get it done.

Don’t try to get off the hook

You can’t take the easy route. You can’t quit when it gets tough. Don’t settle for anything less than your realistic expectation. Settling for less won’t get it done and it won’t produce for you. Believe that you can do what you expect out of you. Push your self-pass:

  • Confrontation
  • Doubt
  • Nay Sayers
  • Circumstances
  • Challenges

Lowing your expectation out of fear or a lack of discipline will cause you to come up short. It can also bring emotional trauma. It is not a good feeling or a desired outcome to know you did not give your best. Knowing that what you did was not good enough. Always live up to your personal expectation.

When you learn that you are very capable of your expectation, doubt will vanish. You will find yourself doing better as you gain confidence in your capability. The more you expect of yourself, the greater the potential of getting to the area you want to be in life; to be the person you desire to be. It is a great accomplishment to have done those things you wanted to. You refused to accept anything less. Your number one priority is to get what you expect.


In reaching for your expectations, adjustments may have to be made. Everything just won’t work for you. Flexibility is a trait that only a few people are able to master. It like the saying, “it more than one way to skin a cat”, or “work smarter, not harder”. These actions won’t take away from your expectation. Improvements are always a plus. It may be several ways to get across a road, the only objection would be, is to cross safely. Don’t be stuck in one way of doing things, another one may work better.

All changes are not good. Don’t make changes that will alter what your end result will become. The things you do should compliment your expectation. Remain focus and keep moving toward the result that you are seeking for. If changes do not compliment your expectation, look for another way that will get you to your destination, your expectation. Go for what you want and make no compromises.


Your expectation is an important part of your development. It is what liberates you from a bondage of things that has nothing to do with who you are becoming. They are the driving force of your life successes. It is you who are accountable for them. You can’t depend on others to do that which it is yours to do. Yes, others may play a part if they choose to but it belongs to you. So:

  • What are you expecting today?
  • Is it your expectation or someone else?
  • Is it truly what you want?
  • Is it who you are?

No one should know the answers to those questions better than you. They are yours. They will keep you on the right course. These are the detailed reason you should stay on the path of expectation. I encourage you and expect you to become your expectation.

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