This page will have information that is helpful to its visitors. This information will include several useful topics Helpand recommendations on helpful websites. Our goal is to help the readers to help themselves.  For example, it will cover information like what it takes to enroll in college; and or helpful financial information; it will promote discounted consumer goods; and also other useful information. We are excited about the opportunity to serve you. And remember everyone needs a little help every now and then.

Helpful Links

Getting Ready For College –

Asvab Preparation System to help you practice for the ASVAB Test.


Breaking the Cycle Inc.

Breaking the Cycle Inc.  Helping people Helping themselves.  Contribute to a common cause, to provide a safe environment for children and their families.  Will you give a donation today our effort to build and operate a Community Safe Environment Center Multi-Purpose Facility?

Arkansas Youth Challenge

Arkansas Youth Challenge; Learn How to Be Successful in Life! Camp Joseph T. Robinson – What is the challenge? The Arkansas National Guard Youth Challenge Program is a visionary outreach organization designed to intervene in the lives of Arkansas youth. We are dedicated to providing multiple services through our 8 Core Components that will enrich the students’ experiences during the program’s residential phase and enhance future opportunities for each of them to succeed as productive citizens.

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