Value – Appreciate What You Have

There are many things you could have. Some things you will value, others are just possessions. You should always appreciate and take care of what you have before it’s gone. Substance comes and goes; it can be here today and gone tomorrow, also, what’s important today may not be so tomorrow.

So, what do you value the most? Is it sentimental or real value? I believe there are things in my life that are priceless. Things like family, health, and peace of mind. This brings up another question, “is what we see as being important really have value to us at all.” The things we receive in our lifetime should be of value or be of some importance to us. We would not want to look back one day and see that which was important, and of value, in our life, is now gone. People should think hard about what is really important. When it is gone it is gone, “here today gone tomorrow.”


Substance doesn’t always mean value. People can have a lot of stuff of no value. There are many new gadgets, to catch people eye, and they somehow convince themselves that they just got to have the newest, latest gadget. The question becomes:

  • Why?
  • What value is it to you?
  • Is it an asset or a liability to you?

People sometimes make an impulsive purchase, and soon after wonder why. I would avoid an implosive purchase, by waiting a day or so, and if it’s still something I would like to buy, then I would. But most of the time because the impulsiveness is gone, I avoided buying what I didn’t really want.

A master salesperson will sell you what you were not thinking about getting or something you don’t need. The word sale often draws a person into a purchase. My ideal sale is a bargain on an item I had already planned to purchase. On the other hand, if I was not planning on getting it, to me it was not a sale, I just collected more stuff. People have to be very careful not to yield to impulsiveness. For instance, why buy a new item, when there is nothing wrong with the one you have. This can be a challenge, but it will be an advantage to be discipline in this area.

Loss Versus Gain

Most people don’t know the concept of depreciation. Somethings, as they get older, decreases in value. This is not only applied to tangible things they also apply to character, trust, and morality. For examples: You can return a car a week after you purchased it and it would have a loss in value. But if you can take excellent care of it for 25 plus years it may increase in value. Some things gain in value and some things lose. Most things lose value in a long run. Another way to add value is an investment. Invest, and gain a certain percentage on your investment. The key word in this is to gain, “because when you don’t gain you are losing.”

Trust, integrity, is good business and personal skills. When you do people right when doing business, and on a personal level, it produces gain. I would rather be on the losing end of a deal, then to lose a valued customer or a good friend. It should never be the intent to gain at the expense of others. Value gain value is given (Win, Win).

Real Value

Sometimes things look as it is valuable. It looks good in appearance but if you look close enough you will see that it is a fake. There are lots of replicas around us today. We must be careful in our choices. Value doesn’t always have to have a high cost. Looks can be deceiving. One clue to value is that it is of low quantity. Some people lack an understanding of real value; like money versus health. Wealth versus sanity. Happiness versus substance. What is valuable to an individual may be different.

What is a real value to you?

  • A luxury car
  • A mansion on the hill
  • Designer clothes


  • Health
  • Peaceful mind
  • A healthy stable family
  • Happiness

Each of the lists could be added to It is important to seek real value. It is important to pursue a good healthy life than a superfluous one. A value in my opinion, is a combination of tangible and none tangible things. Those that really add value, that is lasting. The most valuable things in life are priceless, and can’t be bought. These, to me, are the most important. Give me real value any day.

Going up in smoke

Today you will find most things are overvalued. The things that are tangible may be purchased today for one price, and a week later could be purchased at a higher or lower price. We are continually buying more things that lose value. Wasting valuable time and money; this can cause stress that leads to poor health. Up in smoke. We can easily spend too much money. Why? self-indulgent. We just got to have more, and at the end, end up in smoke. It was shiny and appealing that is why I got it.

Delayed gratification will save people a lot of grief. The reason a good salesperson push you hard to immediate buy is that they don’t want you to have a chance to conclude that you don’t need what they have to sale. They count on your impulsiveness. When a person pressures me to buy an opportunity or anything else, if they can’t give me the time to think, and or do research I will pass on it. It is too many scams and other opportunities to give your hard-earned money away. You certainly don’t want it to go up in smoke.


People should be content with the things that they are blessed to have. They should always show an appreciation. Some work hard to gain what they have, to other it was a gift. Either way, one should appreciate and take nothing for granted. I humbly confess that all that I have is a gift from God, including having the ability to earn or receive it.

Because you did what you needed to do to gain, the last thing you would want to happen to you is to be scammed, or be deceived when it comes to value. Let us keep in mind that some of the most valuable things we may gain, cost nothing and is priceless.

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2 thoughts on “Value – Appreciate What You Have

  1. Great post! This was a great reminder to not take for granted all of the wonderful things that we are blessed to call our own. Like you said, not all things hold monetary value, some things are priceless, like family memories. We need to remember that we have a lot when we are wanting to buy something else. I have had buyer’s remorse too many times to count and it just goes to show you that the things that are truly valuable are in your heart!

    1. Yes, if we could only take a little more time to decide we will make better choices.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. 

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