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Often people travel the path of the least resistance. By nature most seek that which is easy, even when the path with resistance is better for them; they do this, knowing which path they should go. The easy route is not always best. Life path that will make us better, will always have some resistance. We are faced with decisions every day on what course to we should take. There are no shortcuts in life. Shortcuts will rob you when it comes to reaching the desired destination. It affects both life quality and life experiences. You just won’t get to the area in life you want to.

Think for a moment, what path have you taken for your life? Is it getting you to where you want to go in life, or are you getting nowhere fast? The path you take will lead somewhere. Be thoughtful when choosing your path, because it will lead you to your lifelong destination. You must know where you are going to, or you won’t be able to get there. Do you know where it is that you should go in life?

The Path of the Least Resistance

Pressure break out of an area of weakness or of the least resistance. In life, the path of the least resistance should not be taking. It can cause disruption in your life. Your goal is to become better in life not weak. Your life path will be a challenge, but it is the path you supposed to be on for life. When you are familiar with where you are going, the resistance has only a little effect and traveling your life path goes a little faster and smoother. There are things that can sidetrack you and there will be obstacles along the way. These are times that you will have to go at a slower. There will also be those who will hinder your progress. The temptation to take the path of the least resistance continuously, be a challenge. But you are to purposely avoid the path of the least resistance. The path that can’t get you to your life destination.

Over the Horizon

Have you been so close that you can taste it so to speak, that’s really close. The anticipation that comes from knowing that you are almost there. Knowing what is waiting for you over the horizon. Knowing what your end result should be, is a strong motivator. It keeps you moving toward the end with anticipation. It gives you a determination above the norm. What a relief it is to see your destination off at a distance. Your victory is in site. You will get there by choosing the right life path. How sweet it will be, and what a relief.

Life accomplishments give a good feeling and are always worth your best effort. Knowing that you arrived and you didn’t give up along the way. What a feeling of joy you will have.

Life is an adventure, that is full of excitement, twist, and turns. Life splendor can go unnoticed sometimes when traveling along its path. There is so much that can be appreciated in your lifetime. The blessing that comes each and every day are often unnoticed. Even the rough spots along your life path can be counted as a blessing because they often make one better, and stronger. Endurance through it all pays off, you will enjoy accomplishments over your life path.

The tragedy of this will be failing to learn along the way. We can enjoy the moment that God’ great creations teach us every day. If we fail to embrace the great diversity He has placed in each of us, is most tragic. It is such a loss to mankind.

Along our life path we may have started with a certain characteristic, but ended up being a totally different person. It has been said that “a lesson is not learned until behavior has changed”. Enjoy along your way, enjoy learning from your life.

Keep Going Until You Get There

Writing this I thought about a story that might help us see the importance to keep going on our life path. Imaging, if a savage beast was after you. You run as fast as you can down the path so the beast would not catch you. You begin to get weary and the beast begins to gain ground on you. Then you give up and stop and surrender your life to the beast. The beast catches you and confesses, “If you had not stopped I wouldn’t have caught you, because I can’t go another step.”. Victory is the reward of continuing to the end, never, ever go backward.

Starting and stopping won’t get you anywhere; you won’t make it to the finish line. Be both consistence, and persistent. A steady pace will take you far. You don’t have to go at a speed of light, but you have to be consistent. You will have to go through all the tough spots. You will have to be committed. Your life is worth your effort to keep on keeping on until you reach the end.


Your life path is important, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You make the journey, you become better and stronger. You become a benefit to others. You won’t be a liability. Your life path is making you able to be a super servant leader, that we all were born to be. No one can travel our life path for us. We have to go down our own individual path. Your life path can be lonely at times, and sometime we may even want to quit. But, something that down inside of us, that is screaming to come out of us to serve, to explore, to grow and to mature into our individual purposes that push you to continue.

At the end of the path, there are those who are waiting for you. Ready to receive what you have to give to them. To make their life better, happier, and safer.

You have learned well, and you won’t hesitate to be a servant to that which you have become, and will be a servant leader to that which your life path has gifted you with. Many blessing will flow from and to you. You are a master of it, and it is a master of you. You have truly arrived.

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2 thoughts on “Your life Path – For you only

  1. I love this post and agree completely in travelling your own path, there can be no other way. I believe it can be hard sometimes and we have to work hard to stay true to ourselves and our values. Do you believe service to others allows us to reap the rewards?

    1. Yes, I do believe that service to other opens up many things for us.  I believe the reward is greater when we seek to serve others without seeking reward to serve. Thank you for your comment.

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